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Which sucks, I agree. I guess this just might suck less?
You know, (and maybe this exists, I haven't tried looking yet) if a decent, reputable company made some decent (studio grade, open-back headphones with a nice flat response) that had the DAC internal to them, and worked off of a USB C cable that could be plugged into a phone or other device. That would go a long way to me being ok with this sort of thing. No dongles, no antiquated connectors. It would need a lossless transfer prototcol. (a lot of USB media devices use isochronous transfer to maintain timing, but lose data in high-traffic conditions) Not that audio streams are terribly high data rates anyway, I'd just want them lossless and synced.

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References: https://hardforum.com/threads/pixel-2-and-pixel-xl-2-will-both-ditch-the-headphone-jack.1941131/

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