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Chevrolet Beats Tesla in Consumer Reports EV Range Test
Consumer Reports pitted a Chevy Bolt vs a Tesla Model S 75D and found that the latter ran out of juice at 235 miles, while the Bolt motored on for another 15 miles: I guess the point is that the Chevy is a nice value, being that the 75D costs $74,500, and the Bolt $36,620. Tesla’s Model S 100D is probably the true range champion, yet it is nearly $100K.
CR’s electric-vehicle range test involves some mixed driving, but much of it is done by driving a constant 65 mph on a highway. If you were to meander on country roads at 45 mph, you might get even more range. To ensure repeatability, the CR tests are done with the air conditioning and heater off. Hard acceleration and running the HVAC system can cut the range significantly, as can driving in very cold temperatures.

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References: https://hardforum.com/threads/chevrolet-beats-tesla-in-consumer-reports-ev-range-test.1941124/

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