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Another combo review: jescar micro finishing polish
   Took another job today for a friend and thought I'd share my experiences. First, ONR. Admittedly my outdated knowledge had me skeptical of this stuff at best. I figured there's no way it really works THAT well. My god was I wrong. I used it on my heavily dusted/slightly dirty truck last night and got around it in around 45min including doing wheels/tires separately. Used a 2gal pump sprayer with 1:256 as pre soak and then mf mitt and mop with 1:256 in a bucket with grit guard, floored by the ease and results.

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References: https://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/115824-another-combo-review-jescar-micro-finishing-polish-onr-lc-thinpros.html

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