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Can I link a drop down to a single database entry please?

I am just enquiring at present.

I'm unsure how to explain this, please bear with me.
I am looking into creating a search directory into my site, so users can Edit or Remove their entries, however I'm unable to link (or know how to go about) linking a drop menu to each of my database entries.

I'll try and make this a little clearer:-
I've so far set up my page so that the search results show (for example):-

yourdomain.com with a drop menu to the right
yourdomain1.com with a drop menu to the right
yourdomain2.com with a drop menu to the right
and so on.

Now if I want to Edit or Remove only the result yourdomain1.com, I'm unsure if I can, or how I link each drop menu to each entry.

Would it be easier if I had each search result list in a drop menu, so the user can choose which domain name to Edit or Remove. Or would there be a better way of achieving my goal?
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