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Product on hold

I bought a monitor today from Dell. About an hour after getting the confirmation email, I receive an email telling me my delivery is on hold because there was a problem with my payment. The email said it had something to do with my credit card information being invalid.

I call as soon as the email sent, including the extension of the email sender from the delivery confirmation office.

Sure enough, no answer. Call the general line, and I was put on hold. Waited about an hour to no avail.

What kind of business is this? You confirm the payment and then, mess with customers telling them they have to contact Dell again... But then don't answer.

Additionally, I look at my realtime credit statement and see that the charge went through and is pending... Meaning the info is correct.

I have my desktop and now have to wait an indefinite time to even use the thing because my monitor isn't going to ship.

I've bought four computers from Dell now and never have had this happen. Anyone else have similar bogus stories?

Please help...

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