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please help!! whats the best furniture fabric/material with cats?
My wife and I are about to finally spend some decent money on some nice living room furniture and we are completely confused on what the best material is to get for a household with cats.

We have an older large cat and a younger small cat. They have thrashed the corners of our old fabric couch/loveseat and we work so much we don't have much time to train them. Or they have a lot of time during the day to "not mind the rules", rather.

My thought is that leather may show the scratching, but won't end up as bad as if we do fabric. They both have their claws and mostly have scratched up the leather arms of our big leather chair from jumping ON to it, no intentionally "marking" it like they have the corners of the fabric couch.

What are all your thoughts?

Sorry if this has been covered here before, I'm new to the site and wasn't savvy to the search function.

please help!
thank you!

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