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Freequently Asked Questions FAQ

What do I gain becoming a member?
A non member can only view the forum threads and posts. Only members can post, start a new thread, discuss, chat with other members and also you collect points.

What is points and how do I use them?
Reps/likes on each post/thread will be converted to points. Points will be like any other loyalty points and can be reimbursed for any gifts that BigStealers will publish from time to time.

How do I collect points?
Points can be earned by
1. Signing up will get you xx bonus points (for limited period of time)
2. Posting a new deal thread that not a repost will get you x point (max cap of xx posts per day)
3. If your posted deal gets promoted to front page will get you xx points
4. Detailed Tech reviews/ product reviews if that gets recognized by BigStealers team then you will get xx points.

Points disappeared/reduced
Please check with moderator, it could be a system issue or could be due to reposts

How to redeem points?
BigStealers.com on time to time will be giving the options or send the gifts to the members in turn for points. This will be published to sticky thread on the forums.

Can I transfer points to other members?

On termination of membership what happens with the existing points?
Points gets purged.

What could be my gift?
Gift may vary from time to time. It could be electronic coupon or electronic gift certificate for some retailers in random but not in any order.